Jewelry Service

Do you own a jewelry from my past handmade collections? If you feel its a little outdated in style, I can provide a makeover service of your jewelry if it is an original handmade by me!

You can choose to replace only the silver/gold plated materials and keep the design or revamp the look of the design but keep the same beads you love! (or maybe throw in a few new ones for a total makeover!)

All these can be done with a minimal fee from S$2.00 onwards.

(We now carry our own handmade earwires!)

You would need to take a photo of the jewelry concerned and email it to me so that I can advise you the actual fee before you decide to go ahead with this service.

Give your jewelry a new lease of life!

Postage to send the item to me will be borne by you. Sending it back to you is FREE*! *Only local standard postage applicable. For overseas postage, please bear S$5.00 shipping and handling fee.

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