Jewelry Makeover

Do you own a jewelry from my past handmade collections that is worn out? Or maybe something you've left in your jewelry box for a long time because its outdated but you still love the beads? I can help you with a jewelry makeover!

This is a very exclusive service at Adeline's Loft. You can choose to replace only the metal components and keep the design or revamp the look of the design but keep the same beads you love! (or maybe I can recommend a few new ones for a total makeover or added pizzazz!)

All these can be done with a minimal fee from S$5.00 for replacement of worn out parts OR S$14.00 onwards for a total restyle with some new beads (this basically covers cost of labor, material and postage fees). This fee will depend on the final workmanship rendered.

You would need to take a photo of the jewelry concerned and email it to me so that I can assess and quote a fee before you decide to go ahead with this service.

Give your jewelry a new lease of life and do your part in recycling too!

*Only local standard postage applicable. For international postage, we will arrange the fees upon assessment.