About Me

Hello! I am Adeline - a home based lifestyle jewelry crafter.

Loving what I do has made me achieve much more than I can ever imagine, through the support of many women that has stepped into my creative journey and made a difference in my life.

You may like to know that I am prompt to respond to your queries, take great care in my workmanship and I am always open to challenges and make things out of my comfort zone. I strive to improve my skills and am open to your feedback, if you have one for me. Ultimately, my goal is to make my clients happy with their purchases.

Most of our creations are exclusive to own unless indicated. I believe in exclusivity hence I would try not to remake more than 2 pieces per limited edition design unless it is a classic style.

For any queries with regards to my creations, please email me : ade.loft@gmail.com.

 I specialize in customization and love a challenge so ask me if I can make you a special piece for any occasion - bridal, formal and even accessories for your funky little niece!

p.s. my alternate email address is oon.adeline@yahoo.com.sg in case you don't hear from me with my gmail account.

More on... My Creative Journey

I picked up an interest in jewelry making after attending a 2 hour introduction workshop in December 2004. Excited about my new found interest, my family and friends were the exclusive owners of my creations.

In January 2005, I started selling my creations on the now defunct Yahoo auction, just to see where the market stood. After 4 months of perseverance, there was finally a break through! A lot of time were spent investing and promoting my creations in the cyber world. Eventually, I built a website to showcase my crafts and everything else just fell into place.

My work has evolved a lot since then. From working solely with swarovski crystals and pearls, to semi-precious stones and high quality components that are sourced locally and world-wide. After almost 2 years of searching for my niche and identity as an artist, I discovered that I had a better flair for avant garde designs which is portrayed more in my long necklace creations. As I also love variety in my life, you will also find a variety of styles in my creations too!

In Jan 2007, I picked up polymer clay bead making skill. A separate blog shop was set up in March 2007 to sell my handmade beads to other local and international crafters who enjoyed incorporating them into their creations. It was an extremely successful setup however, by mid 2008, the fad for clay beads fizzled out and I decided to close the clay bead blog to focus on my jewelries again.

In early 2010, I picked up a new skill - making my own ear wire designs. I am loving every bit of creating unique ear wire shapes and especially since its handmade, it is considered very exclusive to the owner as well! It also adds a lot more versatility and interesting-ness when matching the different beads to different shaped ear wires.

In July 2010, I finally spread my wings and started a shop in etsy, selling only my handmade polymer clay creations, reaching out to a pool of international audience.

In March 2011, I was nominated and awarded during International Women's Day for being Singapore's 100 Most Inspirational Women by Cozycot.com.  Subsequently in July 2011, Cozycot.com launched their maiden Summer edition magazine featuring my work.

*June 2011, I attended a workshop on silver art clay at the Jewellery Design & Management International School - discovering how to turn this media into pure silver. I may venture into this media some day if I can find an affordable raw material source. *

In mid 2016, I expanded my handmade services by adding my newly acquired skill of paper floristry, in the hopes of offering gift bundles that comes with flowers and a jewelry for special occasions.

In early 2018, I achieved a certificate on fresh flower bouquet/table arrangement. This too is offered at my shop for gifting on special occasions.

As a stay-at-home-mom, it is a challenge to fit into the many roles that demands of me. However, I will always make time and commit to my passion which gives me immense joy and a great sense of satisfaction after every accomplished creation.

I can never be thankful enough for my family and friends who have supported my passion in one way or another. Especially my good Lord Jesus who never gave up on me and constantly works in my life to bless me in many ways unimaginable.

I have started this as a hobby and would still very much like to keep it this way yet be able to provide affordable handmade creations for all to enjoy.


Please connect with me at :