What Is My Handmade Worth

Every crafter has their own formula when it comes to pricing their work. The cost of materials, the time spent painstakingly putting it all together with the countless communication with the buyer are all part of a crafter's considerations. How do I value mine?

Interest and passion is my number one reason why I have been a jewelry crafter for the past 13 years (and counting!). However when it comes to pricing, "time" is probably the only factor that is difficult for me to measure into dollars.

There have always been a burning question for me by friends and acquaintances on why I don't charge higher rates for my handmade pieces. I believe there is no fixed technique that will give a range of how an item needs to be priced. Sometimes if its a straight forward creation, I do not even factor the time I take to make it. While some creations are definitely given more time investment thus will be priced accordingly. So things like re-working on designs many times over would definitely contribute to a higher pricing as well.

With that said, my aim is to keep my pieces affordable so that my clients are happy.  There will be crafters who price their creations sky high also because of hidden costs like domain spaces, advertising, checkout carts, assistants and high end packaging. For me, I have very minimal hidden cost as it is more of a personal service that I render to my clients.

There will always be buyers that think I am charging too high and those who will say otherwise. Ultimately, I feel that enjoying what I do and fulfilling my personal goals matters more.

Adeline Oon

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