I am closing my etsy shop.

It is said, all good things must come to an end! But it's not a dead end for sure!

It's been 1.5 good fun years in etsy and it's just my time to say farewell to my etsy shop!  It has been great to mingle with fellow etsians and I made a few friends from there - local and overseas. The exposure has definitely been good but it's just not fair that I've not been able to create as much as I want and list all that I want in my shop.

Good news is, I will be relocating my polymer clay creations to my blogshop for good! That means : no listing fees = lower prices! (hmmm I think I can hear some of you go..."ah you should have done that ages ago!"  well, I am listening!! :)

I will still actively be an etsy shopper (no denying this as there are PLENTY of yummy goodies) just not a seller because of time constraints.

At the meantime, I am clearing my stock at my etsy shop. Do hop over to see the bargains and grab them while you can! It's going at 50%!!


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