We are preparing for Christmas 2011!

Year end is a busy time of year for many crafters all over the world who will make that extra special personal touch to Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

At Adeline's Loft and The Other Loft, I take care to understand your loved ones style and taste when it comes to jewelries - whether it is for your beloved mother, a close friend, a colleague or your little niece!

Customization prices are always kept affordable from S$16.00 onwards at Adeline's Loft and S$12 onwards at The Other Loft - depending on complexity and materials used.

I am accepting orders for Christmas now so that I will have time to work on perfecting your piece. Drop me an email soon for a non-obligatory discussion on how I can help you create that perfect keepsake gift which will leave a lasting impression.

p.s. Santa tells me that I should include a little surprise gift with a minimum of 2 orders and above so yeah, I will do that!  ^__^

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