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~~ I appreciate all compliments and feedback that has been given to me about my work, as well as the impressions made from online store so am listing some of them here for your reference. If you would like to contribute your review or feedback too, please email to Thank you! ~~


**A really lovely new site with exquisite earrings and other jewelry. I love the brick hand made polymer flower earrings with the pink dangles. Just outstanding. Also, the Trinity faceted garnets are beautiful and simple (or is that simply beautiful?) Check out the necklaces, rings, bracelets and hair accessories while you're browsing. The fast loading pages and clear photos are excellent..** Rating given : 10 by

**Love this site for unique jewelry. Beautiful polymer clay jewelry. Great photos. Great site layout. Easy navigation. Very well presented. Best wishes to you! :) ** Rating given : 10 by

**I loved the set up of your site. Very pretty and easy to navigate with fast response times. Your jewelry is very original with a great variety to choose from. Best wishes.** Rating given : 9 by

** A great shopping experience for those who want to view attractive jewelery at afforable prices. The front page has new additions to the shop. I particularly liked the variety of well designed earrings. The site was easy to navigate by category and had clear images. Terrific site.. ** Rating given : 10 by

Buyers' feedback

**I've received the package..the pieces look pretty, as usual! Elaine**

**Those I bought from you are intended for mothers' day gifts to my sis and in-laws. But now, I like them so much that I am not sure if I will be giving them out! Helen**

**Thanks for the items! I received them! Its lovely! You have really put in a lot of effort into the packaging as well! Lee Yin**

** Hi Adeline, I have just received the above earrings today. Everything is in order. Earrings was perfectly crafted. Hope to see more of your design soon and something might interest me to purchase again. Florence **

** Hi Adeline, the bracelet is very nice. I like it very much. I saw one similar design at your website which was gold in colour. I like that too but it was sold.
Amy **

** Hi Adeline, I received the registered notice yesterday but collected the package this morning. Both the items are in good condition and very beautiful with neat workmanship. Only a patient and fine person can handle tiny and delicate item, like yourself. Sure to hear from me again and thank you.
Zuraya **

**Dear Adeline, I have received the rings intact. They are all very beautiful and the size fits in nicely. Thank you very much for your hardwork. Hope to see more creation from you soon.
Cindy **

**Hi Ade, Thanks! I have received the package :) looking forward to more new designs from you.
Sandra **

**Hi there~! Just received the earrings today. They are just so lovely. And I'm really impressed with packaging. Thanks lotsa~!
Wendy **

**Dear Adeline, I just picked up the package from the Singapore Post this morning. Your items are lovely, thank you. My daughter likes them a lot.
Ivy **

**Hi Ade! I am very pleased with your efficiency and creations. Thanks for everything!
Pauline **

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